VN Engine

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The Visual Novel Engine for Blox Game Systems adds new UI elements, FlowGraph nodes and other systems commonly needed while developing a visual novel type game. Some of these systems might also be useful to other types of games so please have a look at what is provided and whether it can be useful to you when working with Blox Game Systems.


  • The VNEngine component manages complete flow of the game and manages showing and hiding your menus and in-game UI as needed.
  • Saving and restoring game sessions via BGS’ Persistence system.
  • Adds new FlowGraph toolbar options which makes is easy to test a scene from the start of an active graph or any of its selected nodes.
  • New FlowGraph nodes:
    • Start and end game.
    • Change backgrounds.
    • Character actions to enter scene, exit scene, and change pose.
    • Create background scale adapted image overlays.
  • Handling of the dialogue is already done by BGS’ FlowGraph and UI components. Have a look at the BGS features to learn more about what else you can do when with this pug-in combined with BGS.

Supported Build Targets

  • Windows, OSX, and Linux are the only platforms officially supported. Other may work but please inquire on the forum first and note that I can not necessarily provide help if something does not work well on that platform.