Main Editor

The main editor is where most settings and data is defined. Plug-ins will add their own tabs to this editor where data need to be defined for those plug-ins. Please refer to documentation of the plug-in for information about its main editor settings where applicable. This section will only cover the settings and data requirements of the BGS core system.

The main editor can be opened via menu: BGS > BGS Main Editor.

    MainEd: Main

    The main section is where most of BGS’ settings are defined. Startup & Scenes This is where you manage what scenes are part of the game and how they are loaded. Scenes can be added here or via the Build Settings window. You may click on a scene in this window to quickly open that scene in Unity. BGS requires the Assets/projectData/Scenes/00-bootstrap scene to be first in the build list.

    MainEd: FlowGraph

    FlowGraph graphs and nodes uses this section for settings and data definition when needed. Buttons This is the settings for the UI/Buttons Panel node. The node needs to know about all defined Buttons Panels and this is where you can initiate a scan for such panels. This scans for all GameObject with components derived from the ButtonsPanelBase class, like the default Buttons Panel component. Dialogue This is the settings for the UI/Dialogue Panel node.