The BGS Components can be found under menu: Component/BGS.


2D/Sprite to Screen Scaler

Auto scales a sprite to screen size according to selected settings. None, ScaleAndCrop, FitToWidth, FitToHeight, FitToWidthAndHeight, StretchWidth, StretchHeight, StretchWidthAndHeight.


Cameras/Simple Camera 2D

not yet completed

  • targetCamera: Target Unity camera. Should be Orthographic camera.
  • panLimits: Limits how far the camera may be moved from the zero position.
  • zoomSpeed: Zoom speed.
  • zoomLimit: Limit how far camera may zoom in/out. This changes the Orthographic size to create a zoom effect.


Data/Meta Properties

This is used to add BGS variables on a GameObject. These variables can later be accessed by BGS systems and plug-ins pr your own scripts. Have a look at the variables documentation to learn more about using BGS Variables.


Helpers/Disable on Awake

This will disable the GameObject during Awake (when the object is loaded). This component will remove itself once it has done this.

Helpers/Don’t Destroy on Load

This will set the GameObject to not be destroyed when a scene load occurs. This component will remove itself once it has done this. Normally all objects would be removed when a new scene/ level is loaded, except if the scene is loaded additively. This can prevent this the object from being destroyed in such a case.

Helpers/Simple Follower

Make this object follow the target object while a target is assigned.

Helpers/Sound Volume Updater

Automatically update the target audio source’s volume when the associated volume type changes.